Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

I can't imagine why my kitchen tip this week has to do with tomatoes! LOL
Actually, you can use it for anything, it's not exclusive to tomatoes.
I guess I call it tomato scrap trash.
When we are canning tomatoes, we stand at the sink where we clean them, core them, & cut out any bad spots. The scraps go in one bowl & the good parts into a pan. The good parts get dumped into a larger pan that is on the stove. The scraps get dumped into the trash.
Well, if your trash isn't close to the sink, you have to walk across the kitchen to go dump your scraps in the trash. Not only does this take extra time, but it also usually results in many drips on the froor. So a few years ago my husband came up with this trick.
You hang a good strong trash bag on one or your nearest drawers. Put it around the lip of the drawer, making sure you get it in both corners, & then close the drawer.
Here's a picture of a pretty full one from the day we did tomato soup & pizza sauce. It was so heavy that it was actually only holding on by the corners at this point. LOL

Make sure it's not a bag that easily rips, because then you'd have a really big mess!
I've never had one rip, thankfully. This is a tip that we use everytime we can tomatoes!
Thanks go to my dear husband or this one! :)

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Sherry said...

Neat tip! I'm going to try this one. :D