Thursday, November 29, 2007


1st off- I can't figure out how to spell hoagie. LOL
Basically, this is beef stroganoff on a bun, without the noodles. And it is GOOD.
I saw it on Rachel Ray's 30 Minute Meals last month. All through the show she called it "Strogie Hoagie", but on her site, the recipe on-line is called" Sliced Steak Stroganoff in French Bread". I only made a few changes to her recipe that is found here. Instead of using baguettes, I just used deli style buns & I buttered them & toasted them in the oven. I also added a splash or so of worcestershire sauce & a can of drained mushrooms. And I didn't use watercress.
Here it is cooking in my big cast iron skillet:

And here it is on the plate, served with a simple tomato & cucumber salad.

How did this taste?
As Rachel Ray would say...YUMM-O!
(be sure to have plenty of napkins!)

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shped said...

Looks good!
And so do all your zucchini & bread recipes!!