Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oatmeal Bread

I think we have found our new favorite bread! Well, at least ONE of our favorites.

It's called oatmeal bread & I've had it printed & in my recipe notebook for so long I don't remember where on the internet I got it. It was a long time ago that I found it, because I printed up a lot of bread machine recipes. I haven't used my bread machine in a few years. You can use this in your bread machine, or do it by hand, or even in your mixer. I decided I'd use my mixer's dough hook this time & see how it did. It did great! And saved me some time & energy to boot.
I think I let the dough hook knead it for about 5-7 minutes.
Oatmeal Bread
1 C. warm water
1/4 C. molasses
2 T. butter
3 C. bread flour
1/2 C. quick cooking or regular oats
2 T. dry milk
1 1/2 t. salt
2.75 t. regular active dry yeast OR 2.25 t. bread machine or quick acting dry yeast
If you do it by hand (or mixer) add the yeast to the warm water & set aside.
Combine the rest of the ingredients. Add water/yeast mixture. Use the dough hook in you mixer to knead for 5 minutes or so. Put into a greased bowl & cover for 90 minutes. Punch down & knead for just a few minutes. Press into a roll about 12-18 inches long. Put on greased pan & cover with towel to rise another 30-60 minutes. Bake at 350 for 30-35 minutes.
This bread was delicious. My husband says that it is his favorite. It went really great with one of my favorite meals, roast, potatoes, & carrots (after I took this picture, I mashed up my potatoes & smothered them in gravy...*giggle*).

And the next day it made such a good sandwich. The bread was buttered ( with real butter, no fake stuff for homemade bread) & then slices of roast added with some of the gravy. Oh my.
This was a great sandwich!
The next day I had just a tiny bit left of one little piece of meat & some gravy. I shredded the meat into the gravy & had a beef manhattan on this bread. YUM!
'Course I forgot to take a picture...

And then later I made this ham & cheese on the oatmeal bread. Our 6 year old proclaimed it "the best sammy I've ever had!" LOL It was pretty good!
I like how this bread let me make some thin slices too.
It's very good bread. I've already made it again since these pictures were taken!


Sandra said...

Did you use wheat flour? The bread looks like it is wheat but I didn't know if maybe it was the oatmeal making it that color. When I made your Italian bread I used one cup of white flour and the rest wheat and it was so soft and good. But I don't put as much flour as recipes call for.

Jane said...

Hi Sandra,
No, I didn't use any wheat flour. It was the molasses that made it that color. I think it would be fine to make this with wheat flour. I should use more wheat flour.
I'm so glad you like the Italian Bread. It really is good. I have an herb garden in the summer & I LOVE to just go snip the herbs I'm using. Talk about fresh herbs! :)

Claire said...

Yummy looking bread! I just got the Bread Maker's Apprentice in the mail today and am going to have to look through it and pick out something to try. Glad to hear the good update on Caiden!!! No fever is wonderful. :-) RSV can be TOUGH to get over, that's for sure.