Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Felicities

Things that have made me happy this week:
Our 5 year old read his first sentence!
It was, "The pig sat in the mud."
Watching your child learn to sound out words & read is just one of the greatest moments ever.
In other school happiness, our 17 year old daughter just aced her 9-week math exam. And it was 4 pages long. 100% WOOOOOOOOT!
Green peppers have been making me happy lately too.
As in:
Grilled, stuffed peppers. Stuffed with our sweet corn & cheese & onions. Oh yummmmm.....
AND, Green Pepper Jelly! Oh, it's so good on crackers with cream cheese!
Both of these were new recipes & both were keepers.
Thoughts of going fishing tomorrow!

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