Saturday, July 28, 2007


I found it here. Once I read thru it....I had to make it!

I fixed it this afternoon exactly like her recipe. It was a HUGE hit with my whole family. HUGE.

This evening, dh & I got the evening munchies, & we had just enough left over (I had used just over 3 lbs. of meat) to make a few sandwiches.

I sauted more onions, with some green peppers, & a can of mushrooms (wish I would have had fresh, but canned did ok).

I pan toasted the buns, & then added mozzarella to get all nice and 'melty'.


Here's a picture of mine:

You can't really see the cheese, but it's in there. I savored e.v.e.r.y. bite. WOW.

Thank you Pioneer Woman!


Jane said...

I would like to make an addition to this recipe. We have made this about once a month and LOVE it!
We like to have lots of juice, so I have been adding 1-2 cups beef broth or beef boullion when I add the worchestershire sauce. Some of it cooks down, but it makes a wonderful sauce.

Blogger said...
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