Thursday, September 4, 2008

Canning more tomato juice...

Canning is still going on at our house.
This is what my kitchen looked like when I went to bed on Labor Day:

Yep, more tomato juice! And I went to bed with a dirty canner on the stove! LOL
It was our 3rd big pickin' & canning of tomato juice. I didn't take a picture of the bags on the table, because it looked like the same picture from last time, again. LOL
Only this pickin' we got more for some reason (it usually starts tapering off) & we got 51 more quarts of juice. We FINALLY got them all put away, most of this load is now in boxes in one of our closets, thanks to my dh for doing that! Our tomato plants have really produced tremendously this year. Thank you Lord!
So this is just ONE of the reasons I've not been on this computer very much lately.

I have so much more I can post about the preserving that's been going on around here. I have also been freezing stuff too. I have shown you the corn, but I've also frozen diced (& also thin slices) green peppers, & also freezer slaw. And now for the first time I am drying stuff because of the herb garden. I have some pictures of the camomile I am picking almost daily & drying.
Also some other herbs...but that's for another day.

I'm off to BED!


Lori said...

WOW! Do you even know how many quarts you have in total?

Jane said...

Yep, but I had to go look at the calendar, I always mark what we did & how much on the calendar or I'd lose track. The grand total is 130 quarts of tomato juice. Plus I made 6 quarts of V8 juice. I'm just about out of jars, so I'm assuming we're done. The tomatoes keep coming on though, so I may do one more batch of V8, & then can some whole tomatoes in pint jars with garlic & Italian seasoning.

Windy said...

Holy cow! That is A LOT!
I am doing Stepping Up (Psalms) I just read the intro and I'm pretty excited about it. =)