Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beef and Barley Soup

I thought with the weather gettting warmer, I'd post this soup recipe next fall. But we are having a cold snap here, maybe even getting some more snow in the next day or too.
This is one of many recipes that I've found over at Tammy's Recipes.
Here is a link to her original recipe. I have added a few things to mine so I'll add to the recipe below.
I have never used a roast in a soup. It seems like I usually use round steak cut into cubes. Using roast gave it a really nice flavor. For a meat, it seemes like it was a little sweet. It was delicious!

Beef and Barley Soup From Tammy's Recipes

2 pounds beef roast
1 large onion, chopped
6 celery ribs, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 3/4 cups barley (dry/uncooked measurement)
1 1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
beef bouillon, optional
3 1/2 quarts water, approximately
4 carrots
1 quart green beans
freezer corn

1. Trim fat from meat and dice into 1-inch cubes. Saute meat with garlic in a large (6-quart) stock pot. Brown on medium-high heat, stirring often.
2. When meat is browned, add part of the water (enough to cover the meat) and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer, uncovered, for an hour. (I think I covered mine)
3. Add the remaining ingredients (except for the green beans & freezer corn). Bring to a boil and then simmer for at least 1 hour. If soup becomes too thick, add additional water according to your preference.
4. Add the beans & corn during the last 15 minutes of cooking.

This is a really wonderful & flavorful soup.
We all loved it!


Claire said...

How's Caiden?

Jane said...

Hi Claire,
Thanks for asking about Caiden. I should have written up an update, I just haven't been online much at all for the last few weeks.
Well, I actually don't know much about Caiden, unfortunately.
I did find out through a lady at church (she knows Caiden's mommy's roomate)that he did get out of the hospital about a week or so after they took him off the vent. She was very suprised that Caiden's mommy hadn't called me. She knew that she really liked me as her babysitter. But I guess she didn't at least respect me enough to let me know she found another sitter. :( Her reason was that Caiden was still getting sick (asthma) & she's had him back up to the doctor often since coming home from the hospital. Because she's a single mom, she just had to go back to work, & she found a sitter who lives in the same block as her work. So if he gets sick, she can get to him within one minute (it would take her 10-15 minutes to get to my house). I totally & completely understand this. It just would have been nice of her if she would have let me know this, ya know?
The lady who told me this about 2 weeks ago I think, told me that he was getting sick (breathing) again that day & the doctor had him back on prednisone & breathing treatments & that if he wasn't better by the weekend he would be hospitalized again. I never did hear if he went back to the hospital or if he got better. I doubt I'll hear anything more from his mommy. But I may ask my contact at chuch if she's heard if he's getting better. I would like to know how he's doing.
Thanks for asking about him, Claire. :)

Now I should go lookin' through my pictures so I can put something on my blog. It's been awhile. LOL
I forgot to take pictures, but we had fried dandilions with our supper tonight. We had never had them before. Someone told us they taste a lot like morels so we thought we'd give them a try. We don't have a place to go mushroom huntin', but we do have plenty of dandilions! LOL
They were actually pretty good.

Claire said...

Aww...I'm sorry to hear that happened. I understand her reasoning, too, but it is a bit strange to just stop communication, period. Hope he is doing better, getting control over his breathing issues.

Fried dandelions? You must do them again and take a picture...that is quite different!

Jane said...

Thanks Claire. I thought it was strange to. I couldn't help but think that there was some other reason...there just 'had' to be something. But her friend assured me that she loved bringing Caiden here. She couldn't believe she didn't call me though. All I can figure is that people are different. I've had all kinds of different folks in 21 years of babysitting. Most folks would call & let you know that they found someone closer. Others don't think a thing about not calling & letting you know. I think it is at least the polite thing to do. I've had some moms that don't think there's anything wrong with being an hour late. Yet I had one lady that would call me if she was going to be running 5 minutes late. LOL

I'll be doing the dandilions again. Our daughter loves them!
I still can't believe we had fried dandilions. LOL...

Anonymous said...

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