Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

My kitchen tip this week is the rubber band trick to keep lids on.
I do this when I'm taking a covered dish somewhere.
It is a simple little trick that I'm sure most people know. But at one time I didn't know it & when I learned it I was thrilled to know it! :)
Here's a picture of our green beans that were getting ready to leave for the church pitch-in.
Now when I take things, I don't have to worry about the lid rattling around or even falling off.
You take a large sized rubber band & hook it under one handle. Then make one twist in the rubber band.
Then go past the middle nob in the lid & make another twist.
And then hook it onto the other handle.
And there you go, the Rubber Band Trick!
I have to give thanks to one of my babysitting parents for this. A few years ago my husband was having a really bad time with his Multiple Sclerosis & this babsitting mom brought us some beef stew in a crock pot & it had the lid attached with a big rubber band. I stared at the pot being thankful that she'd do this for us, & then trying to figure out that rubber band! LOL
So thanks to Gracie's mom, I now know the Rubber Band Trick & I use it often. :)


Claire said...

Good trick! I didn't realize that your husband had MS. My grandmother had that and one of my brother's friends mother has it. Thankfully, she "caught it" early and since she started taking meds has not had any relapses as of yet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip! This is one I will have to remember. Katie

Jane said...

Your welcome, Katie! :)

Hi Claire,
Yes, my dh was diagnosed 5 1/2 years ago, when our son was 3 weeks old. Our neuro told us he's probably had it for quite a few years. The first year he stayed the same, but the second year he had a lot of progression. After switching shots (there are 4 injection types or brands) a few times, Betaseron seems to be the one that has kept him from much more progression. He still has relapses, but he has evened out a bit. He is getting very tired of the shots & wants to stop them. But his neuro told him that he didn't think he'd be walking if he didn't take the shots! I have to remind him of this everytime he starts talking about quitting the shots!