Saturday, December 8, 2007


I really wish I had a better picture of the whole cake.
I've been having trouble with the flash settings on our camera. I think I've finally figured out a better flash setting, but this picture was taken back in August, before I messed around with the settings.

Lori's Mom's Creme de Menthe Cake

1 box white cake mix
liquid for cake along with 4 Tablespoons creme de menthe (to equal liquid for cake)Bake as directed, cool. ( sometimes I use more creme de menthe)
Cover cooled cake with a jar of chocolate ice cream topping.
Mix large container of whipped cream with 4 Tablespoons of creme de menthe & spread on cake. (I also add a bit of green food coloring.)
Cover cake with shaved chocolate from a Hershey's bar.


Thanks to my good friend Lori for this recipe! She gave us this recipe a few years ago & we LOVE it so much. Our teenage daughter requests it now for her birthday every year. She's also got a hankerin' for me to fix it again.
I have never put ice cream fudge on cake before. It is SO GOOD! It makes me not understand why I haven't done this before!
I think this is the best cake I've ever had.
Thank you Lori!

Updated April 29, 2008
I now use the BIG Hershey's candy bar & look at the difference it makes!
So much more chocolate! It makes the chocolate curls on the above cake look pretty!


Lori said...

Thanks, Jane! I'll have to tell you that we load the top with way more chocolate shavings. The last time we made this cake (for Just me's birthday) I believe the whole top was solid chocolate bar shavings, LOL!It is a great cake. It's better if you can find creme de menthe syrup/ice cream topping and the chocolate fudge ice cream topping. The green makes it a perfect holiday cake too! Yum, yum, yum!!!

Jane said...

Thanks Lori!
How do you get so many shavings without the chocolate bar melting? LOL
See, I shave it with a potato peeler until the chocolate square starts melting in my fingers. So then I have to eat that square & start on another! ROTFLOL!
I am such a huge mint fan, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the chocolate ice cream fudge on it. It is just so......fudgy! :)
And the mint chocolate combo has been a favorite of mine since childhood. I LOVE IT. I have always used the creme de menthe syrup because our local Krogers carrys it. Can you get it where you are now? If you can't, I'd be happy to send you some!
So, how do you get so many shavings? LOL

Lori said...

Freeze the chocolate bar for easy shavings!!! (We use a potato peeler too.)
We have a store here that carries Kroger brands (did before we moved here too but they didn't have it). I'll have to check and see if they have the syrup. Thanks!

just me said...

I'm the one who usually does the chocolate shavings. :-) After freezing the chocolate bar, warm the side you're going to start shaving with your hand. If it's too cold, you won't get the little curlies.

Jane said...

Thanks Lori & Just Me!
I will freeze the candy bar next time. That will mean less snacking for me, but more shavings for the cake. :)