Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

My kitchen tip this week is how to make sub buns.
You can use any of your homemade bread recipes. On this day I chose Homemade Italian Bread.
Just make your bread as you usually would. After the first rise, instead of putting it in a loaf pan, hand shape it into abour 6 inch long skinny rolls. Place on greased baking pans to rise the second time (covered with a towel).
Here's a picture of mine right after shaping them:
And here they are after rising:
And after baking:
These homemade sub buns worked perfectly for these
meatball sandwiches!

You can see more Kitchen Tip Tuesdays over at Tammy's Site.

P.S. I would also like to ask for continued prayers for my babysitting baby Caiden.
He just turned 3 months old on Sunday (March 1). He is in ICU on a ventilator. He has RSV & has been in Severe Respiratory Destress. He has been on the ventilator for almost 1 week. PLEASE pray for him. You can see a picture of him here & here.
Please feel free to put him on your church's prayer chains. Thank you so much.

I have just found Tempt My Tummy Tuesday. Please visit Blessed With Grace to see more tummy tempting recipes.


Stacey said...


Raise Them Up said...

COOL! I've found that the midwest doesn't have a clue what a good hoagie bun is. I'll definitely be giving your recipe a try!

Jenn at the Back Porch said...

I love fresh bread but don't have the patience to wait for it-lol! Hopefully Caiden will be better soon. I've got three kids of my own so I can only imagine what his parents are going through. He's in our thoughts and prayers.

Sarah said...

These look great! I do meatball subs every few weeks so I'll try making the buns next time.

Mom2fur said...

Thanks for a great idea! I never thought to use a favorite bread recipe to make rolls. I'm definitely putting these on my 'to try' list!

Mom2fur said...

PS--Best of luck that sweet little Caiden gets better sooner than soon!

Brenda said...

Great idea! Thanks!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Hi. I am so glad you found and joined us,for Tempt My Tummy Tuesday. This bread looks wonderful.

Michelle said...

Oooo, that meatball sandwich looks good. I'll pair my meatballs with bread like that anyday. Maybe that will be dinner this weekend! Thanks!

Mom2fur said...

Hi, again. Thanks for stopping over at my place. I agree about those credit report commercials! The one that bugs me is where he's complaining about living in the basement of his wife's mom and dad. Yeah, maybe her credit is bad, but I see her lugging laundry back and forth and him lazing around with his buddies. So, he wouldn't have married her if he knew she'd defaulted on an old credit card. Wow, some romantic, LOL!

Sandra said...

I made these this morning for our meatball sub sandwiches tonight. My kids ate half of them for lunch so I made another batch this afternoon. My house smelled like Pizza Hut all day. These are the BEST sub buns I have ever made. I bet they make great pizza crust and bread sticks too. I'm trying that next!

Jane said...

I'm so glad you liked them, Sandra!
I never thought of using it as a pizza dough or bread sticks.
It does make a good meatball sandwich though doesn't it?!

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

How yummy. Great post!