Sunday, September 23, 2007

Coffee Mint Ice Cream

I found this recipe here. This site called it Cafe Mint Ice Cream. I was actually thinking of making mint chocolate chip, which is one of my all time favorites. But when I stumbled onto this....I just had to make it.
It was delicious. Yes it was. :)
The only problem I am running into is the size of my ice cream freezer. It is HUGE. It's very old....& it makes a GALLON AND A HALF of ice cream! Most of the recipes I find are for today's ice cream makers. These recipes are for 1 or 2 quarts. Mine holds 6 times that much! LOL
So I experimented with this recipe & doubled it. It is ok to not fill my ice cream maker to the my dad may have seen that as a sin. :)

Coffee Mint Ice Cream
4 c. half & half
1 1/2 T. instant coffee crystals
1 c. sugar
4 egg yolks
1 t. mint extract (the recipe called for 2 t. ....but 1 was plenty & I knew that 2 would be too much)
In a double boiler, scald the cream with the coffee crystals. Beat the sugar together with the eggs. Slowly add to the cream. Cook until think. Stir in the mint extract & cool. Chill and then make according to your ice cream freezer directions. Makes 5 cups.

1st, I halved the mint. And I LOVE mint. It was plenty minty with just 1 t. (well, 2 t. , because I did double this recipe).
2nd, I didn't use a double boiler, because mine was not big enough for the doubled recipe. I just used a heavy pan and stirred the whole time.
3rd, I cooked it a long time, even brought it to a boil, & it never really got thick. Not thick like my other ice cream recipes get thick. But it wasn't a problem, it still turned out.
4th, 5 cups? Who can make just 5 cups of ice cream????? LOL!

It was also pretty good when I added a cookie I'd found that I had hidden away....

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Lori said...

Yummmm! Coffee mint ice cream sounds great! I wonder if it would be good with mint chocolate chips in it, or Andes mint chips? What do you think?

You have the best blog!