Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Chili Cheeseburgers

Here is a little bit of magic in a can:

Really, I was never a chili cheeseburger type of gal.
I am now. :)
We also add a little worce sauce & some liquid smoke to our hamburger. Makes it taste just like an expensive hamburger you'd get in a steak house.
I usually put ketchup & mustard on my hamburgers. But not if we're opening a can of chili! lol
I like a thick slice of onion, then the cheeseburger, big spoonful of chili, & a mess 'o pickles.
And we like to butter the bun with garlic butter & toast on the grill.

Finger lickin' good.

***edited on 2-16-08
I can no long find Steak & Shake Chili in a can since the e-coli scare last year.
But any chili will work.

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