Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

My tip this week is for a fast & easy way to fill deviled eggs.
Put your egg yolk mixture into a pastry bag fitted with a large star tip. That's it. Squeeze the mixture out into each egg. It's really fast-it takes about 30 seconds to do that whole plate- and it makes them pretty too. I use disposable parchment bags, only because that's what I learned on, & clean up is a sinch. You can use a re-usable decorating bag, or even just a zipock bag. You can fill the ziplock bag & snip the corner off & you're good to go.
You don't have to use a star tip, but if you have one, it sure makes them look 'purdy'.
Here's my recipe for deviled eggs:

6-8 hard boiled eggs
2 T. mayo (or more)
a little squirt of mustard
pinch of salt
pinch of sugar

Cut eggs in half, putting the yolk in a bowl & arranging the whites on a plate.
I use the mixer to get the yolks broken down a bit. Add mayo & mustard. I don't really measure the mayo, just 'eyeball it'. Add the salt & sugar & mix with mixer until creamy.
Fill pastry bag & then squeeze it into shells. You can them sprinkle the whole plate with a little pepper (if everyone if your family likes pepper) or sprinkle with paprika.
I don't usually end up doing this anymore. I leave them plain & put pepper & paprika on the table so people can put what they want on individual eggs. That makes everybody happy. :)

Oh! I just thought of another trick. It's a Two for Tuedsay! (snicker)

Here's a nice tip for storing these in the frig without messing up the tops of your deviled eggs.
Take a small drinking cup, either a child's sippie cup, or one of those really short glasses that come in a whole set of glasses. Turn it upside down in the middle of your egg plate. Then cover with plastic wrap. The cup in the middle acts like a sort of tent pole, so it keeps the plastic wrap out of your pretty eggs!
Whew! I thought I was about out of kitchen tips, but there's 2 for ya! :)
And I just thought of another, so I've at least got one more week in me. LOL
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Tammy L said...

I loved your tips and enjoyed your humor. :) My main tip for deviled eggs I learned recently: When making a large dish of deviled eggs to take to a potluck, don't leave them on the kitchen table and remember them 45 minutes down the road.!!! :)