Tuesday, May 13, 2008


My husband found this one mushroom under our deck yesterday! It was not quite 3 inches tall. We LOVE mushrooms! We don't have a place where we go mushroom hunting anymore, so we pretty much only find a few each year. I would love to have a big 'ole mess of 'em to fry up for supper!
But we just had this lonely one.
So I soaked it in salt water for 24 hours to remove any little bugs.
Then I cut it in half.
I lightly dusted it in flour & fried it in canola oil.

This one little mushroom was split between 3 people!

It was so good! Like I said, I'd LOVE to have a pan full of these, but it was still fun frying & eating part of just one.


Windy said...

Tis whole post makes me laugh Jane. Glad you're eating them and not smoking them! HAHA!

Jane said...

Uhhhh... Windy, I don't get it.
What do you mean? LOL

Lori said...

OH Jane! I'm so jealous! We love morel mushrooms but we always depended on my Dad to find them in his secret places and share them. He said they weren't out yet where he lives! Count yourself lucky that you found one!(We bread then with cracker crumbs and fry in butter.)

Jane said...

You KNOW what I'm talking about then!
We just don't know anybody anymore that has mushroom hunting places. Now folks sell mushrooms & it's become such a business & they sell for MEGA bucks per pound.
Nobody just gives bags of them away like they used to. Folks 'round here are VERY possessive about their mushroom hunting grounds. LOL
I know I sure enjoyed our ONE mushroom. Yum is not a word that does it justice!

just me said...

People are always possessive of their mushroom hunting grounds. If I had a mushroom hunting ground, I would be possessive of it.

Jane said...

I probably would be too, Just Me.