Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bird Nest

We have another bird nest to watch this year. Last year a sparrow made a nest & laid eggs in one of our hanging baskets & we followed their progress. Here's a link to last year's Bird nest.
This year one has decided to use one of the evergreen bushes outside our window.
But notice that there is a different egg in there!

There is the tiny blue egg with black speckles & that is the sparrow egg. But there is also a larger white egg with brown speckles. I have no idea what this means. Did the sparrow lay an unusual egg? Or did she take over a nest with another bird's egg in it? Hmmm...
Here's a close up so you can see the difference in size.

We learned last year that birds usually lay one egg a day until they are done.
The following day there was another egg.

And today there is another. There are 3 blue eggs & 1 white one. The sparrow last year laid 4 eggs total, so I bet there will be another blue egg tomorrow.
I'm looking forward to see what hatches out of that while egg & if the mother & father sparrow will take care of it. Last year we saw the mother only at first, but when the birds hatched, there were two sparrows taking care of the little birds.

I'll update with more pictures as they hatch.


Claire said...

So fun! My grandparents loved watching birds.

Jane said...

My dad loved bird watching too.
Everytime I checked the nest today to take a picture, the mommy was in it, so I left her alone.