Thursday, May 8, 2008

Herb Garden

Here it is. My new herb garden. You won't be able to see much yet, since we just planted. But, I did water each area so you can 'see' where everything is. I am standing in the last row of strawberries looking north toward the herb garden, & then the corn is planted on past the herb garden. It won't be long & you won't be able to miss the corn!

I'll start at the shepherd's hook in the middle & go around clockwise.
Around the shepherd's hook I have planted chamomile seeds. Next to that in a square area I planted cilantro/coriander seeds. There in the bottom right hand corner Italian flat leaf parsley seeds are planted. Next is 1 sage plant, then 1 rosemary plant in a pot (thanks Lori!), & then 2 chive plants. Next to the 2 chive plants I have a thin row of chive seeds planted. That row goes to the western most part of the herb garden. Then on the west edge I have a funny shaped area where I planted some lavender seeds. Next to that is a square patch where I planted dill seeds.
And then the last square area, on the left of the shepherd's hook, I planted 1 basil plant, & then some basil seeds. Oh, I almost forgot the thyme. The thyme seeds are planted right in that middle square.

Now I need to buy some lemon balm & plant it in a basket to hang on that hook, & then I'm ready to see what comes up! Hopefully, everything will come up.

I'm really looking forward to this!

Here's another view from the east looking west:
Hopefully where I've watered gives you an idea of where everything is. And, (lol) I did press in little sticks to mark my sections. I'll pull them up as soon as the plants start growing.
Here's the sage, rosemary, & chive plants:

And here's my little lone basil plant, waiting for all the little fellow basil seeds to come up.
And some rocks. We always have rocks in our garden. A barn used to sit in this spot over 50 years ago, so you wouldn't believe some of this things that we find. Once we found an Indianapolis license plate from the 40's.

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Dave said...

Every year as I prep our garden area, I bring up rocks and stones. I can rake the soil silky-smooth and still, next spring, there will be a new "crop" of rocks to harvest before I can set new plants. My grandfather used to say "The frost brings up the rocks" and I guess he was right.