Thursday, May 22, 2008

Garden Update

It's been 3 weeks since we planted. Dh tilled last night (Oi, that makes me so nervous) & the dirt tilled up so beautifully deep brown. I love this brown dirt.
The plants have not chaged that much, but they will soon. The seeds have sprouted & are growing well. We actually took down the stakes for the rows containing radishes, peppers, green beans, & onions. I just got around to planting the beet row last week because we had 2 weeks of rain so it was too muddy to plant. The beet row is nearest to the tomatoes & it still has stakes up. Again, these pictures were taken about an hour before sunset, so the garden was in shadows.

And look here! I have DILL WEED coming up amongst the dog's paw prints! LOL
The soil is not dry like it looks. It is still very moist under the top layer from all the rain we've had. It's like the top layer kind of crusts over. In the paw print in the bottom part of the picture you can see how much darker the soil is.

I also have cilantro coming up! And thyme! And chamomile! The lavender hasn't come up yet. I think I may see some parsley starting to come up. And still no basil or chives. I do have 2 chive plants that I planted, but none of the seed has come up yet. I got my first little harvest from my herb garden today. I cut the chive plants down to about 2 inches (they were getting tall!) & put them into a loaf of homemade bread that is rising as I type. :)
I have added just a few things. I got a hanging basket & planted a nice lemon balm plant in it. I also got a peppermint plant & planted it in a pot. I don't think my spearmint seeds are going to come up, so I bought a nice spearmint plant & planted it under our propane tank (way far away from other plants lol).

The zucchini is sprouting too. Look how that seed cover is still haning on to that plant on the left. I am looking so forward to the zucchini! I never get tired of it (although my family

And finally, here's a picture from a different angle. Taken from near the tomato plants & broccoli plants looking southwest. That dry looking row is the newly planted beets, then the onion row, & then the beans. You can't really see the pepper plants & radishes in this shot, but they are on the far side. Also, the corn is doing very well, all 4 rows are sprouting, but my pictures didn't turn out very good. I'll have pics of the corn next week though!So that's how the garden has grown in the last 3 weeks.

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Claire said...

How does your garden grow!!! I want one...all those fresh veggies. Yum!