Sunday, June 24, 2007

Yellow Bird

Dd came in last week saying we had a little bird on the fence that wouldn't fly away.
Dd was outside with Dh & our 2 German Shepherd dogs. One of the dogs actually went up to it & sniffed it, while he did this his nosed actually touched the little bird & he rocked back & forth on the fence. lol Otto (the dog) was called back & he obeyed & left the little guy alone.

I came out with the camera & snapped these pictures.

I wonder if he must have just taken his 1st flight out of the tree, & then didn't know how to fly back up. After a few minutes his mother (or father) started calling him & he'd call back. It was pretty neat. I recorded some of it. We went inside & then checked an hour or so later & he was gone. I 'spose his momma came down & showed him how to fly back up into the tree.

Also--We've had almost 2 inches of rain this weekend, thankfully! We needed it SO bad as you can see by the grass! It was crunchy brown grass.

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