Friday, June 1, 2007

Viola hanging basket suprise

My mom got me this hanging basket back in April. We hung it out at the garden.

Saturday I brought it up near the house to sit in the shade & pick off the blooms. (not all the blooms, just the 'past prime' ones) In about 15 minutes I had about 3/4 of it done (there's lots of blooms!) & I had to seperate the middle because it was so thick.

I got a big suprise!!

After getting all
I hung the basket back up. I searched the net trying to identify it. It's too small to be robin eggs, these are about the size of jelly beans. Plus, it has black speckles on it.

Then Sunday afternoon our 4 year old son yelled to me that he could see 2 eggs in the nest! (I have since told him to stay away from the basket. lol)

I also read on the net that mother birds do not lay all the eggs at once, but only 1 a day.
I just went out to check, but I couldn't see in the nest because the mommy was there! She's very tiny & brown. I think she's some kind of sparrow. I put the camera on zoom & took a picture, but you can't see her. And, dh told me there are 3 eggs this morning!
This will be fun watching the nest!
(and now I have a new subject on my 'blog'....LOL)

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