Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Dad

My dad went home 1 year ago today. This picture of Dad sitting at the fireplace is one of my favorites. He built that fireplace in the late 70's. He loved having a fire in it.
I can't believe he's been gone a year! It seems like it was 'just yesterday' when he died. But on the other hand, it seems like he's been gone for so long. I really miss him. So much.
So I picked out a few pictures, but couldn't just pick one or two. lol

So in memory of my dad, here's some more of my favorite pictures:

My dad gave great bear hugs. :)

I sure do miss you Dad.


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Lori said...

Ahhhh... stop.... you're making me cry.... I LOVED all the pictures! The one of your Dad with new baby Charlie is still one of my all time favorites. What a special photo tribute to your Dad!