Saturday, July 26, 2008

Radishes, Green peppers, & Banana Peppers

First, LOOK at this giant radish! It's on a large dinner plate & is larger than my hand. And believe it or not, it was not hard or 'stalky'.
I actually didn't mean for them to get this big. LOL We picked them Wednesday evening & got this bag full. My husband weighed this bag with his digital fish scales, & it weighed 17 pounds! This was our 2nd planting of radishes.
I really did have a sinkfull! We also picked a few green peppers & some banana peppers. These banana peppers are the sweet kind, not hot at all, even with the seeds inside. I would LOVE to find a recipe to can them with just a little heat, like mild. If anyone has a good recipe of something like the Vlasic Pepper Rings (mild) I'd love to try it.
We've had just a few tomatoes turn red (oh! they are delicious!!!)! The onslaught of tomatoes should be in the next week or two.
The corn is nearly ready too. I'm guessin' another week.
There's the most recent garden update.
Oh, I forgot...we need to pick green beans again!

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