Sunday, July 20, 2008

Garden Update- Tomato plants & Corn

Everything is now growing by leaps and bounds, Praise the LORD!
Here's some pictures to compare.
Here's the tomato plants at the very end of May.

I'm standing behind this tomato plant to show it's size. I'm short, 5'2 when standing my tallest, LOL, & in this picture you can barely see the top of my head.

Here's the corn at the end of May.
And here I am hiding in it yesterday. LOL

And here's the most recent picture of the herb garden. I am so pleased with it! I haven't really used any cilantro, although I want to! I've used the dill, basil, thyme, & parsley quite a bit.
The sage plant is huge! It was one little measly plant, but now it's practially a bush.
I know I'm going to have to figure out a drying system soon, so I can use these through the winter. Oh, I've also made Italian Bread a few times using quite a few of these herbs. We really like that bread! I'll post the recipe soon.

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Lori said...

I love these pictures... and I'm green with envy.