Sunday, July 6, 2008

Canning Green Beans & Pickled Beets

I started canning last week.
Here are the beens that we picked last Tuesday (July 1)

And here's the beets we pulled the following day. I thought they were ready, but they weren't quite ready yet. They're pretty small.

But they're already pulled so I fixed them like I usually do. Here they are after being boiled till tender so the skins will slip off. I would have loved to have taken a fork & a salt shaker to this bowl, but I did go ahead & can them. It only made 3 quarts. But, beets are fast growin', so we'll plant another row & do this again in about 4-6 weeks.

Here's 11 quarts of green beans & 3 quarts of pickled beets. That jar of green beans in the middle that looks discolored? It's because it's in the older fashoned blue jars. I love those blue jars!


katie said...

Yummy! I love it when my mil gives me canned food from her garden. Yours looks just as good.

Jane said...

Thanks Katie!