Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Here's the radish row. We start havesting them by thinning them out. You have to pick some a little early in order to give the other radishes more room to grow. We did this on Saturday.

Here's the first handful!

And the youngin's wagon full.

All trimmed & washed & ready to EAT. These radishes are called "French Breakfast".

This is my favorite sandwich that my dad taught me to make years & years ago.
It's easy: bread, butter, radishes, salt. YUM.

Oh it was so GOOD!
Since Saturday, we have had two salads & both had lots of our own radishes in them. And I've had more than one radish sandwich. :)

Today the radishes needed thinned/harvested again. It's a good thing, because the ones from Saturday are gone!
My dh & 5 year old ds went out between rain showers today & picked again.
The result is this 3 lb. butter bowl full!


Claire said...

Is there a fairytale/children's story that has to do with radishes? For some reason, seeing all these radishes makes my brain think there is.

Lori said...

Yum! It looks like you'll be enjoying more radish sandwiches!

Jane said...

Claire, I was drawing a blank on this so I asked some of my friends & Dana knew the answer! This is what she wrote:
" **rolls up sleeves of literary prowess**

the wife craves radishes and the husband steals them from the witch's garden which is how rapunzel gets locked in the tower.

**waits for applause** "

YAY! Applauding Dana! Thank you! :)

Lori, I had one for lunch! :)