Monday, June 16, 2008

Garden Update

Wow, do I have some weeding to do in the herb garden! Dh tilled the garden on Thursday and we also spent almost every evening last week weeding. I still need to finish weeding the herb garden, the strawberries, cucumbers, & zucchini. Whew.
Here's the two pots of rosemary & my sage plant. It has about doubled in size.

Here's the parsley BEFORE I weeded. I had planted seeds but when I didn't think they were going to come up, I bought one plant & planted it right in the middle. The seeds finally did start coming up after 3 weeks, among the weeds:

And here's the parsley AFTER I got it weeded. It was really tedious as I couldn't use my little shovel to help me because it was too big & would pull up parsley right along with the weeds. But I did find that using a butter knife helped some. The ground had dried just enough that you needed a shovel or some kind of aid or the weed would break off instead of coming out by the root. The picture is a little dark, but there's a lot of little parsley plants coming up there! :)
Here's the cilantro BEFORE weeding.
Here's the after shot. The cilantro is doing really well!

Here is the thyme. It is right in the middle of the herb garden. In this picture I was only about half done weeding & had to stop because it was too dark & I couldn't tell the difference between weeds & thyme. Dawn, there is my weed bucket! :)

So here is the front side of the herb garden all weeded. The bottom right is the cilantro & the bottom left is the parsley. The rosemary & sage are just above the parsley, the thyme is in the middle, & the camomile is in a circle under the shepherd's hook that is holding the lemon balm.

And here's the back half that still needs work! The dill is in the bottom left corner, & I have got it weeded. It's really doing well too. Just above that is the basil, & it needs weeded badly! I also need to weed the little chive row. I planted two plants, & then a row of seeds. The seeds are just now coming up, among the weeds.
Hopefully this evening I can get the weeding in the herb patch done.

Now for the better pictures.
The broccoli is coming along. I am looking so forward to having fresh steamed broccoli!

Here's a picture of the corn coming right along. It won't be long now until it is taller than me!

Here are the tomato plants & the broccoli & cauliflower. You can just barely see the beets coming up in the next row.

Here's the north side of the garden. From this shot you can see the beets (barely), onion, beans, & peppers. We have pulled the last of the radishes & will be planting more.
So that's it for now.
It's time to fix supper & then get out there & finish weeding.

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