Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jane's quirks

I've been tagged. My friend Dawn tagged me to spell out 6 quirks that I have. Here are the rules:
Link the person who tagged you.
Mention the rules in your blog.
Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours.
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Six quirks about me....

1. Movie theater popcorn eaters drive me crazy. Because they are so engrossed in the movie that they do not realize that they are taking handfuls of popcorn & craming it all in their mouths & chewing with their mouths open & crunching LOUDER than the movie !(ok, that may not be a quirk, but something that makes me crazy...lol)

2. I have to sleep with the covers up to my chin whether it's winter or summer...but sometimes I stick my foot out.

3. I have to have the cord for the vacuum going over my shoulder while I'm vacuuming (it keeps it from getting tangled or run over by the vacuum).

4. I like to have a dish towel over my left shoulder while working in the kitchen.

5. I have to have tea cubes in my tea. You see, I love iced tea, but regular ice melts & waters down the tea & I can't stand watered down tea. So, I keep an ice cube tray in the freezer filled with tea.

6. I don't wear flip-flops (but in my younger days when I did wear them they were called, um...something else...LOL)

There! I did it! Hey, that was kind of hard coming up with all of those.
But it was fun. It was the very first time EVER that I have been 'tagged'. Cool.

And now I tag:
Just Me


Lori said...

I think flip flops used to be called thongs years ago. I never wore them. I used to wear Dr. Schols, with the wood bottom. I wore out several pairs way back when.

just me said...

Way back when?

Jane said...

Back in the 70's. LOL
I had a pair of Dr. Schols! I remember the strap the went across on my pair was dark brown, & I thought it looked like the color of chocolate. My sister had a pair that was blue.

Claire said...

fun...I honestly LIKE when I get tagged, but won't do a meme UNLESS I'm tagged. :-)