Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

I have a pretty good kitchen tip today. And the funny thing is, I just learned it today.
I got a new widget on my sidebar. It's called chef's tips & each time my page is opened, a new tip is displayed. I try to remember to look at it each time I get online so I can learn any new tips.
I learned one today from this widget & here it is:
It said that to keep garlic from sticking to your knife when dicing it, spinkle it with a little salt first. I thought that sounded like a good tip & gave it a try today when making some sauce. It worked! I was mincing my garlic, so by the time I got done there was some garlic sticking to my knife. My first thought was that it really didn't work that well. Then about 20 minutes later I needed to mince up some more garlic for my meatballs. I did not salt the garlic & as usual it really stuck to my knife & my fingers. It really showed me the difference.
From now on I'll be salting my garlice before I dice or mince it!
It doesn't take much, not even a whole pinch of salt. I just used my shaker & salted it like I would salt something on my plate, which is definitely less than a pinch.

Also, click on widget if you would like to have it on your site too.

Happy Kitchen Tip Tuesday! You can find more tips on Tammy's Recipes.


Kirstin said...

I've heard that a little salt is also good for crushing it better.

Kristen said...

Genius! I will be using this tip - thanks for sharing!

Stacey said...

Did you know that salting bacon before you fry it helps keep it from splattering as much? I'm actually done this and it has worked, though I just try not to think about the whole salt on bacon thing. LOL

Sandra said...

I've never heard of it, but I am cooking Chicken Alfredo tonight and have a lot of garlic to dice up, so I am definately going to try it.

Sandra said...

I did try it last night. I had to cut up 3 garlic cloves and it worked. I just salted the knife while I was holding it, and when I cut the garlic, it didn't even cling to my fingers as it usually does. I am going to do this every time.

Jane said...

Stacey, I've never heard that about bacon before. The last time I fried bacon it popped me on the eye lid!

I'm glad that you found that it worked so well for you, Sandra.
The first time I tried it I was mincing my garlic really fine, & there near the end I thought it didn't work so much. But like I said, a few minutes later I chopped some more without using any salt & boy it sure stuck to my fingers like glue! LOL
I'll be using this trick from now on too. :)