Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

My tip today is uses for mayonnaise jar lids. ( I had to look that up for spelling. I didn't remember mayo having 2 n's. I'll be referring to it as mayo from here on out! lol)
I always save my lids from mayo jars. They fit on any regular mouth canning jar. I wish that the bigger mayo jars lids fit the wide mouth jars, but they do not. I've tried just about every brand over the years. If you need wide mouth lids, you have to buy them specifically for the wide mouth jars. Here are some uses for these lids:

In this picture they are perfect lids for covering jars of homemade chicken stock. I was 1 short. That gold one in the back is from something else. I don't know from what, I've had it for years. LOL
Here they are nice lids for some of my little jars of herbs from my fist herb garden this year. The yellow lid must have come from a different brand, but it is a mayo lid.
To the left is camomile, dill seeds are in the middle, & corriander seeds on the right.
I still have some herbs drying, so I better get some more lids. These jars are half pints & pints.
And here's a good trick. It's my pepper catcher! I keep a lid under my pepper mill when it's stored in the cabinet.
See all the pepper it catches? If I didn't have this lid under it, this pepper would be in my cabinet & I'd be cleaning it out all the time. (Well, I WAS wiping it out all of the time, until I thought of using one of these lids.)

And here is my freezer jam. It is stored in the freezer in quart sized freezer bags. When our jar is empty, I get a bag out of the freezer & fill a pint jar. Since it's a regular mouth jar, the lid fits perfectly. And oh my goodness...look at all those lids!

Edited to add:
I just had to giggle this afternoon as opened the frig & took out a half pint jar of
green pepper jelly. It had one of these lids on it. Then at suppertime I reached in & grabbed the tomato sauce. Same lid.
It made me laugh. I sure use these lids!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! Thank you for posting this. I bought a package of Bell plastic lids for canning jars on clearance recently and just loved them. Now I can just save the mayo lids. Thanks again.

5intow said...

Thank you for sharing this idea. I think I only go through about one Mayo jar a year, usually around this time, but I will definitely remember to hang on to them to replace my rusting mason jar lids.

Thank you, thank you!

mub said...

Great tip, especially as a pepper catcher! I just might have to employ that in my cabinets!

rookie cookie said...

Genius! I would have never thought to use the mayo lids for mason jars. Brilliant! I feel like a changed woman!