Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesdays

My tip this week involves green peppers.
Thankfully, most years, we have an over abundance of green peppers.

I hate to waste them, so besides using fresh green peppers often in my cooking, I share with friends & family. Also, now I've found the new recipe for Green Pepper Jelly. (oh my goodness...YUM!) But I still usually have loads of green peppers. So I chop them & freeze them.

My trick for freezing them, I'm sure everybody already knows, but I couldn't think of another tip. LOL

I dice them & then spread them out on a cookie sheet & put them in the freezer until frozen firm.

When they are frozen, I uses a spatula to remove them from them from the frozen cookie sheet, & put them into a ziplock bag, & then store the bag in the freezer.

The first year I did this years ago, I just dumped them in a bag & froze them. Of course they became a large mass of frozen green pepper. That didn't work so well. But freezing them like this, keeps them seperated. I can reach in & get a handful for any recipe during the winter. I really don't like having to buy those waxy things they sell in the stores in the winter. Yuk. This year, for the first time, I have frozen a few bags in longer, thin strips.
Sometimes when we have sandwiches (like
steak sandwiches or sausage sandwiches)
I saute green pepper & onions in olive oil. So I thought it would be nice to have some frozen like this
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BarbaraLee said...

I do this a lot too. Especially when the store has a sale.
W/a nice garden this year I wanted to grow my own. Here is a tip for you. Make sure their not hot peppers. The package sweet peppers but the brand was for hot. So I landed up w/all hot peppers.
My bf Kel is still laughing at me. LOL!

Jane said...

That happened to us once, only with tomatoes. We usually get 'big boys' or 'better boys', as that's what we like for canning juice or stewed tomatoes. But 4 of the plants were mismarked & they were 'roma' tomatoes. Nothing against roma tomatoes...it's just not what we were expecting. LOL

Anonymous said...

Oooo, I have LOTS of green peppers growing in my VERY FIRST garden this year! I am planning to freeze them, too. My question for you... how do you know when it's time to pick them? I keep thinking they might get a little bigger, but I don't want to wait too long...

Dawn said...

Thank you. I had NO idea how to freeze green pepper. I learn so much from you.

Jane said...

Hi Amy, well, we just pick them when they are a nice good size. Sometimes a few smaller ones get picked, but it's not a problem, the small ones are good too. :)
Sometimes I wait hoping to get a red one (or orange or yellow or even brown, depending on what kind you get), but I don't have much luck with that. Sometimes they will turn red about halfway, but they rot before they get completely turned. And really, there's not any difference in taste, (for bell peppers) but I think a red one is nice now & then.
Hi Dawn! You should try this way of freezing them. It is so nice to have a bag (or 5!) in the freezer. I really did used to just dump them all in a bag & freeze them. LOL Then they freeze in one large mass. I used to bang the bag on the counter to break some up to get some out! LOL This way is much easier. :)