Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I picked a lot of green tomatoes on Saturday. I guessed the bags were about 10 pounds a piece so I decided to step on the scales. Sure enough, both bags added 21 pounds to my weight.

We've had a few frosts, but so far, believe it or not, it has missed what's left in the garden! One morning I looked out & there was frost all over in the neighbor's front grass field. But the tomato plants didn't have ANY on them. Knowing that freezing weather was coming this week, I picked the best of the green tomatoes. I can put them in brown bags & they will ripen up. Not as good as vine ripened, but still better than what we can get in the store. We probably have a week's worth of red ones left in the frig, then in a couple weeks these greens ones will ripen....& then that's it for the year. >sniff sniff<

Saturday evening we had steak sandwiches, & I couldn't not fix fried green tomatoes with it. :)

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