Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I'm so happy to have sweet corn again! On Sunday afternoon we picked, shucked, blanched on the cob, cut the corn off the cob, put 3 cups in each freezer bag, & froze the corn.

We got 21 bags. :)

And it was less than half of the corn.
The rest wasn't quite ready to pick.

But it is now:

So we will be doing this all again on Thursday.


stacey said...

Can you freeze it on the cob? I just didn't know. ALLLLL of your garden food looks SOOOO yummy. How big is your garden? Because really, the amount of food you are getting looks like it is coming off a farm!

Jane said...

Hey Stacey!
We are doing corn again today! We picked it early this morning before it got unbearable out (we're in a week of 90's plus high humidity).
Our garden this year is approx. 40' by 75' .
We don't have 75' rows because we have tomatoes across the west end of the garnden. I think our long rows are about 60'. So we have 4 60' rows of corn. So we have LOTS of corn this year. On the flip side of that, we only have 1 row of green beans (we still have about 20 or so quarts left over from last year) so I have only canned 16 quarts so far. But they are ready to pick again....
I still can't get over our zucchini yeild this year. We've been planting it for years & years, & always have a big 'bumper crop' of them. But this year it's out of hand.....LOL
The corn is shucked & out on the counter waiting for me....LOL
It's probably double what we had on Sunday! I have uploaded the pics to the computer.....maybe I'll go post them really quick.
Oh, I've never heard of freezing it on the cob. Actually, it would take up too much freezer room. This way is *really* easy. You just boil the corn on the cob, a few at a time for 5-8 minutes, then put them in ice water. Then cut it off the cob & put it straight into freezer bags. The taste is unbelievable. Canned corn tastes like a completely different product!