Saturday, July 14, 2007


WE GOT FREE FLOWERS LAST WEEKEND! No kidding, they were really free. We had to stop at our local Ace Hardware store for some bolts last weekend. The sign out front said FREE FLOWERS. I was sure it meant something like 'buy a flat, get at flat free'. But when I asked at the register....she said all flowers up front were FREE.


We already had a full car (4 of us, plus 2 German Shepherds in the back, and a few but we got as much as we could. Here they are:

There are 2 hanging baskets with something called 'super petunias' in them. They had a lot of dead stuff to pick out, but they are still good, & with some care, should be fine. We got a flat of pink & white petunias & some pink & white impatients. The middle flat is watermelons, musk melons, a honey dew melon, 2 cucumber plants, & 2 okra plants! FREE!!! We we SO tickled with them.

Turns out, dd & I had to head back to WalMart later in the afternoon. So we pulled back into Ace & they still had TONS of FREE flowers! So we got this:

We got some geranimus, begonias, & some zinnias. ALL FREE! I bet we got $75-$100 worth of flowers! We shared some with family & still have to find some more pots or places to plant some. :)

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