Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

My kitchen tip this week is one of the best uses for left-over icing.
Crackers. :)
When I decorate a cake, I usually have icing left over in a parchment bag with a star tip in it.
The kids love to get smiley face crackers for dessert.

Actually, the kids' favorite is to have icing on regular or chocolate graham crackers.

But I prefer plain saltines. There's just something magical about salty crackers & sweet icing.
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Tracey C. said...

Interesting! This reminds me of kindergarten when I was 5 (that was over 30 years ago, but who's counting!). We used to get graham crackers with tub frosting on them and made into "sandwiches" OH! My kids would LOVE THIS! Thanks for sharing. Sweet and Salty, is THAT why it's so good? Is that why I used to dip my Mickey D's french fries into my vanilla milkshake? Or was I just weird? Hmmmm....
Warmth! Tracey C.

Becky said...

I have never had icing on a saltine! It makes me wonder...

melinda said...

whoa. thats interesting! i typically save my icicng with the thought i would use it soon, but neer do. and i hate being wasteful..my kids would enjoy making icing faces!

Kristen said...

My kids love this. We call them depression cookies. I don't know if they actually were used back then, but they are always a hit here.

Sherry said...

I remember having this when I was young, too, but on grahams. :D

shopannies said...

we have had this practice since I was a very young child

Lenetta said...

My grandpa and my dad both love homemade chocolate frosting on saltines. My dad will make a batch specifically to put on crackers! It's definitely the salty-sweet combo.

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Great idea. I'd love to try it with the chocolate graham crackers!

Jane said...

Hi Tracey!
Yes, it's the sweet & salty that makes them so good. :) Although I never dipped my fries into a milkshake. LOL

Hi Becky, oh, you should try it!
Trust me!

I used to save my icing too, Melinda, but then it just stayed in the freezer so long I was afraid to use it. So why not just enjoy the leftovers?! :)

Hi Kristen,
I don't know about the depression, but we sure at them in the '70's.

Hi Sherry, The kids like them on grahams, but I prefer the salty saltine. Try it on a saltine sometime, you'll be glad you did.

Lenetta, Oh....chocolate on saltines, it IS so good isn't it?!!

Hi Jerry,
Yep, the chocolate grahams are very good, but the plain ol' saltines wins the gold in my book!