Tuesday, August 12, 2008


My dh picked this table full of tomatoes this morning. He cut them up while we were working on school.
Then in the afternoon Dh worked the colonder while I filled the jars with juice & put them in the pressure canner.
And this is the result: 44 quarts of tomato juice!
I didn't plan this picture, but there in the background on one of the high chairs, is an overflowing bag of green peppers. Dh & ds picked them this afternoon. I'd like to try to make green pepper jelly. Most of them I'll dice & freeze so I wont have to buy the hard waxy green peppers that they sell in the stores in the winter.


Anonymous said...

OH MY STARS! how is this possible? weren't we JUST eating the very first red one? holy moly!

Jane said...

Yes! We were JUST eating the first red tomato & sharing it with Dana! Let's see...that was July
23, so it took 2 1/2 weeks from the first red one to this...11 bags! LOL
Oh my word we are SO blessed! I should have taken some pics of individual tomatoes, we sure had some doosies. LOL