Friday, January 18, 2008

Baby Steps Challenge

I'm a few weeks late getting this post up. This challenge ended at the end of December.
This was my first reading challenge & I really enjoyed it.
My books were
1. Ben Hur by Lew Wallace (
wrote about it here)
2. Christy by Catherine Marshall
3. A Man Called Peter by Catherine Marshall

I really enjoyed all three books. Ben Hur was hard to get started & keep on it in the beginning, but turned into a beloved book. I will read it again.
Christy & A Man Called Peter I had read before & both of them are beloved books to me.
It was funny, that in the middle of this challenge I also read The Last Sin Eater by Francine Rivers. I read it between Christy & A Man Called Peter, & all three books had the common thread of Scotland. In The Last Sin Eater, the ancestors were from Whales & Scotland. It took place in the same (or near) mountains as Christy, only about 30 years earlier. In Christy, their ancestors were from Scotland & there was some Scotish history in it along with a character that was very Scotish. And Peter Marshall was an immigrant from Scotland who became a very beloved preacher here in America. I have wondered if Catherine Marshall patterened Dr.Neil McNeil in Christy after her own husband Peter.
I enjoyed this challenge & hope to enter more.

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